Clinical Documentation

Create A Unified Patient Record

A Complete Digital Record

Better documentation leads to better patient outcomes, Centro provides the tools needed for a better medical record.

Connected Systems

Centro allows the user to access information pulled from disparate systems for a full view of the patient’s care.

Patient Based Reporting

Patient-based data collection facilitates improved communication, accurate reporting, and continuity of care.

Centralized Patient Information

Centro is a highly intuitive, integrated solution for document creation and information capture which can be used globally to collect, store, and display patient information. The platform is capable of extracting information originating from multiple distinct systems within a single facility or across networks, regardless of where the visit occurred, providing a singular display of the entire patient record in one location. This approach allows clinicians using Centro to maintain focus on a single application, eliminating the need to navigate between disparate systems to view vital patient information, history, or test results. Best of all, subsequent to the introduction of information into the system, that data becomes reusable, allowing Centro to automatically insert it into current and future documents, where relevant, with no need for user intervention.

Female doctor using a laptop to update Centro Clinical Documentation Improvement to improve the patient records

The Centro Approach

Customizable workflows and the ability to interface with other software, including appointment management systems, makes Centro as efficient across the board as outpatient clinics. The need for multiple systems based on specialty is eliminated, significantly reducing acquisition, interface, and maintenance costs, with only a single system to support.

Centro’s database is designed to accommodate Big Data. The ability to gather all key information in a structured format, as well as parsing non-structured information into searchable items, allows information to be interpreted by any selected criteria. The integrated C-Analytics module extracts valuable data, driving higher efficiencies that can identify trends, reducing operating costs and improving outcomes.

Centro makes clinical reporting painless and efficient by permitting the use of various information capture methods based on individual preference. Allowing for a wide range of input methods, each user can choose to document patient visits using integrated speech recognition, smartphone dictation, PC-based dictation, or via traditional handheld devices.

Key Features

A Central Gateway

Quickly access vital information that is located across several disparate, disconnected systems for a view of the whole patient record from a single location.

Mobile Reporting

Healthcare professionals are untethered from their desks with mobile applications, allowing for reporting and information retrieval at the point of care.

Intuitive Progress Notes

Centro simplifies progress notes by offering users a split screen view in which previous reports can be displayed, offering a complete picture of the patient’s condition.

Simplified Reporting

Availability of captured demographic and lab data, autotexts, and the latest generation of deep learning technologies result in an unparalleled end-user workflow experience.

Flexible Data Collection

Various information capture methods based on individual preference are available including interactive electronic forms, integrated speech recognition and traditional dictation methods.

Patient Newsfeed

Clinicians are continuously kept up to date on patient progress with the Centro Newsfeed, displaying the most recent activities concerning the patient in question.

Drive Better Patient Outcomes with Centro

Hop on board and see how Centro can increase productivity and improve workflows while building a complete, collaborative patient record. Centro can be deployed across one or multiple facilities, allowing for strengthened collaboration between teams. The application’s patient-centric, multi-disciplinary approach ensures all care team members can contribute to the patient record, making for a detailed and accurate patient chart.

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Improve Efficiency

Built-in productivity tools such as autotext dramatically reduce documentation time.

Increase Adoption

Centro’s intuitive UI requires minimal training, resulting in maximum use.

More Time With Patients

Caregivers can reduce time spent on administrative tasks with Centro.

A Tailored Solution

Centro’s rich customization options will feel like a custom-built system.

Reliable Documentation

Ensure your patient’s record is always accurate and up to date with Centro.

Cost Effective

Leverage your existing EMR investment by adding Centro to the mix.

Improved Collaboration Across Specialties

Find out how Centro can increase digital adoption among clinicians