Analytics and Data

Unlock Valuable Information

Recognize Value

Crescendo’s analytical tools help physicians and other healthcare stakeholders to identify concealed value and opportunities.

Identify Patient Trends

Applying analytics to data reveals hidden patterns and trends, improving the opportunity for organizational efficiency and reducing costs.

React Quickly

Rapidly diagnose issues, giving caregivers the opportunity to formulate an appropriate response and care plan without hesitation.

Convert Big Data Into Smart Data

Crescendo solutions are designed to handle organized, modular and highly customizable patient health information and medical documents. Crescendo’s analytics module allows users to determine trends, either within the organization or at the local level. Visibility of this data can increase efficiency and reduce costs while improving quality and the overall patient experience. The integrated tool allows even the most inexperienced users to enter selection criteria and interact with the data. Physicians, nurses, clinical researchers, and quality management groups can easily search one or more data sets, harnessing the power of both historical and real-time data from which to draw better conclusions. Importing data from third party systems into Centro allows access to hidden information that was previously compartmentalized, giving the user a more comprehensive view of all available data.

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C-Analytics leverages existing patient information within Centro, providing end users with a means of quickly aggregating data for predictive analytics and problem solving. Physicians, nurses, clinical researchers, and quality groups alike can easily perform searches across data sets, harnessing the power of historical and real-time data to gain insight and extract meaning. Discover trends for clinical diagnosis and research, or determine performance indicators to assess resource utilization, C-Analytics provides healthcare professionals with the necessary data to improve clinical outcomes.


C-Stats provides statistical information regarding the usage and accuracy of speech recognition for any given user on the system. Supervisors can easily consult the available data to determine the overall effectiveness of the speech recognition solution within their organization as well as identify the need for enhanced training for specific users. The C-Stats module can even help in detecting possible hardware or system concerns, demonstrated by poor accuracy results or the return of unusual data.


Ideal for creating recurring documents, C-Reports enables end users to save time by automatically generating pre-defined documents such as management reports. Users are no longer repeatedly required to manually extract information from various sources in order to build records from scratch. Report templates can be customized to the specific needs of facilities. From the layout and design of the documents to the specific data to be rendered, the module facilitates efforts in process improvement, resource management, and allocation.

Big Data

Centro’s database engine is specifically designed to accommodate Big Data, encouraging users to analyze that data and use that information to unlock insights into the information stored by Crescendo as well as third party systems.

Using Your Data

The C-Analytics module allows for the identification of patterns across the organization or locally. The data can help drive higher efficiencies that can reduce costs, enhance quality, and improve the overall patient experience.

Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiencies

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