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Improve Efficiency with Speech Technology

Cost Effective Voice Recognition

Advanced technologies, similar to those used by Siri and Google, allow Crescendo’s speech recognition engine to provide remarkable accuracy rates from the first use, resulting in a greatly improved turnaround time of reports and a reduction in the costs of outsourced transcription.

Mobile Dictation For Improved Turnaround

DigiDictate Mobile allows users to dictate directly to a smartphone or tablet device, providing the flexibility to work from home or on the road. Voice files are then immediately uploaded to a secure server where they can be processed by Crescendo’s voice recognition software or typed up by administrative staff.

Simple & Secure Reporting

The Crescendo range of voice processing solutions enables legal professionals to cost-effectively increase productivity while improving workflow. The flexibility afforded by Crescendo allows solo lawyers and large firms alike, to take full advantage of the latest that technology has to offer. Crescendo solutions readily integrate with existing case management systems to save time on manual input of information and improve ease of use. Whether it be smart phone dictation, voice recognition or simple digital recorders, Crescendo can meet any user’s needs or budget.

male lawyer dictating using mobile device

Power Your PC With Voice

C-Speech voice recognition increases productivity potential by allowing users to dictate directly into any desired application. Save up to sixty minutes per day by documenting cases with speech recognition versus typing. C-Speech allows users to create and complete reports, compose e-mail, and navigate third party applications simply by using voice. Users can quickly produce time sensitive reports, complete with formatting, dictate directly into specific fields, and use auto-texts to create shortcuts for repeatedly spoken words or paragraphs. The lightweight application can also automate frequently used functions with the auto-command feature, allowing users to quickly perform tasks without keyboard intervention. C-Speech provides authors with an affordable and secure alternative to traditional reporting.

Voice Recognition Benefits

Multilingual Support

Crescendo Speech is ideal for bilingual settings, allowing users to switch between English and French on the fly.

Mobile Friendly

Crescendo Speech is optimized for back-end use with the DigiDictate Mobile smartphone dictation application.

No User Profiles

There are no user profiles to set up and maintain with Crescendo Speech, just pick up the microphone and dictate.

Accent Tolerance

The Crescendo Speech engine adapts to each speaker’s unique vocal characteristics.

Track Results

The optional C-Stats module allows users to track their accuracy instantly.

Dictate Anywhere

Dictating in a busy office? Crescendo Speech filters out ambient background sounds and produces reliable text.

A Better Bottom Line

Find out how speech processing can cut costs at your firm