Process Improvement

The Crescendo suite of solutions improve workflows, streamline processes and better the bottom line, regardless of the number of users or business focus.

Global Approach

Crescendo applications are designed with a building block approach. Each solution complements the next with the ability to easily incorporate third party systems.

Trusted Solutions

For over 30 years, Crescendo has been building innovative, reliable solutions to address the issues facing documentation and records management teams.

Crescendo for Healthcare

Crescendo offers healthcare facilities and individual users a highly configurable workspace. From dictation to distribution, Crescendo manages the patient record for its entire lifecycle, according to the workflow established with respect to each facility, department, or user. The granular approach of Crescendo applications ensures a dynamic, efficient user experience.

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Crescendo for Law Enforcement

Crescendo’s smartphone dictation solution simplifies mobile incident reporting for law enforcement officers, automating the dictation to transcription workflow and reducing time spent at a desk, handwriting or keying in reports. The addition of digital dictation or voice recognition technology results in accurate, quality records, providing officers with more time to spend in the community.

Clinical Documentation Improvement

Drive better patient outcomes with Centro Clinical Documentation Improvement. Hop on board and see how Centro can increase productivity and improve workflows while building a complete, collaborative patient record. Centro can be deployed across one or multiple facilities, allowing for strengthened collaboration between teams. The application’s patient-centric, multi-disciplinary approach ensures all care team members can contribute to the patient record, making for a detailed and accurate patient chart.

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Crescendo provides electronic documentation and digital voice solutions across multiple industries and specialties. Get in touch and find out how we can help you. 

Workflows and Processes

Crescendo solutions improve workflows across a variety of settings, see how we can enhance yours