Medical Transcription

Effortless Document Creation

Productivity Tools

MedRite XL equips transcriptionists with word expansion utilities, automatic template retrieval, population of demographics on patient selection, and much more.

Management Reporting

The system incorporates integrated administrator functionality, including visibility over productivity levels, management reporting and full pay and billing functions.

Custom Routing

Configurable routing features provide supervisors with infinite options, including the customized assignment of jobs to specific transcriptionists based on defined criteria.

Improving Transcription Processes

Crescendo’s full featured transcription solution, MedRite XL, was developed for sites that are serious about improving efficiency and cutting costs. The software consists of components specifically geared toward the transcriptionist and the supervisor, providing essential tools for each. The first and only transcription system of its kind, MedRite XL is proven to improve productivity and workflow in a variety of settings. From medical transcription service providers to multi-site facilities and single physician practices, the MedRite XL solution is scalable to the desired environment, resulting in benefits in any setting.

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Who is MedRite XL for?

Everyone! Crescendo’s transcription solution is a fully scalable, software only solution built to accommodate an unlimited number of users and facilities. Particularly effective for multi-site facilities and medical transcription service providers, the system supports on-site and remote transcription staff with the ability for administrators to route jobs based on desired criteria. 

Smaller settings such as single-site facilities and clinics can also take advantage of MedRite XL’s host of productivity features. Even a single shared transcription resource can be configured to receive voice files from Crescendo’s DigiScribe XL dictation system, digital handheld recorders, or any other digital recording solution.

Quality Documents

Word expansion, medical dictionaries and high definition voice files provide transcription resources with the tools to effectively produce accurate, quality documents.

Workflow Management

The transcription process is an important component of the Crescendo document lifecycle. Supervisors use MedRite XL to ensure files are properly prioritized and routed so turnaround times are always met.

Eliminate Report Backlog

Find out how Crescendo's transcription system boosts productivity