Web-Based Dictation Solutions with
Cloud-Based Storage

DigiWeb brings the best features and functionality of Crescendo
software to the web

Reduce Hardware and Infrastructure Investments

The DigiWeb application offers all of the functionality of a proven, on-premise digital dictation system, with none of the associated hardware and maintenance costs. Dedicated IT personnel, servers, and specialty equipment are no longer required to maintain a full-featured dictation solution. The capacity to interface with existing EMRs and audio import tools provides even greater flexibility to the application. 

Secured cloud-based dictation and playback

Dictate Across Platforms

The DigiWeb application allows authors to securely access their to-do lists, perform dictation, or consult transcribed reports from any supported browser, whether via a PC, tablet or Smartphone. Subject demographics, case details, and facility and department information are readily available within the job tile or from the author’s to-do list. This data is easily searchable and awaiting jobs can be selected by priority, subject, status and date. Typists can easily log in to access completed voice, regardless of location. The author can decide whether to use front-end voice recognition to transcribe the dictation immediately, or back-end voice recognition which can then be sent to transcription.

Key Features

DigiWeb is a truly efficient dictation, transcription, and workflow management solution. Based on the adaptability of the well-known DigiScribe XL system, DigiWeb distills all of its predecessor’s most impressive functionality into an easy-to-manage browser-based application. 

Secure Storage

The DigiWeb cloud-based application stores all information, voice files, and resulting text off-site on secure Microsoft Azure servers, compliant with GDPR location, providing data redundancy and zero downtime.


Both Author and Transcription users can be easily added or deleted by System Administrators at the click of a button, making the solution instantly scalable. There is no limit to the number of users or minutes of dictation.

User Dashboard

DigiWeb incorporates three distinct user dashboards, dedicated to each type of user Administrators, Authors, and Transcriptionists are each presented with screens specifically tailored to their individual needs.

Crescendo Web Apps

The Crescendo suite of web-based applications is focused on providing quality software solutions with minimal hardware investment at a reduced cost, allowing facilities of any size to take advantage of the efficiency that the latest technology can afford. Secure, affordable and effective, crescendo’s current lineup of cloud solutions includes voice recognition, digital dictation, transcription, and document workflow solutions. 

The Solution You Trust,
On the Cloud