Business Solutions

Tailored Efficiency Improvement

Voice Capture and Processing

Voice recognition, digital dictation and mobile solutions, Crescendo offers a myriad of voice capture and processing solutions determined by the needs of the site or the individual.

Improved Workflows

Complete control of workflow, job routing, priority and privileges allows system administrators to ensure a smooth transition from spoken text to completed document.

Voice Processing Expertise

Crescendo voice processing and documentation solutions have been on the cutting edge of innovation for over 30 years. As pioneers in the digital dictation and transcription software market, Crescendo evolved to include voice recognition, smartphone and tablet reporting solutions. Crescendo introduced numerous breakthroughs to the market, including the first networked dictation and transcription systems, multi-facility solutions and the immediate streaming of voice files to remote secretaries. Crescendo continues to develop inventive solutions for multiple verticals.

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The Business of Improving Efficiencies

Law Enforcement

Facilitate accurate and professional reporting while improving efficiency for members of the law enforcement community.


Workflow and document management improvement features allow authors and typists to increase productivity while reducing costs.


Easily capture detailed information, digitize records, and streamline workflows to effectively improve efficiencies and accuracy of reports.