Digital Dictation

Digital Voice and Workflow Management

Instant File Delivery

Clear, quality voice files are instantly available for transcription the moment the dictation has been completed by the author.

Recognition Ready

The crisp, flawless voice files produced by the DigiScribe XL system are ideal for both streaming and background voice recognition.

Secure Recordings

The zero-footprint safety feature leaves no trace data on devices accessing the voice files, ensuring complete confidentiality.

Dictation and Workflow

Crescendo provides a suite of software modules designed to adapt to the needs of any size organization, accommodating any budget. A solid, reliable dictation solution, DigiScribe XL equips users with the ability to perform dictation in their preferred manner. Crescendo supports telephony-based dictation as well as applications for smartphone or tablet, handheld digital devices, PC-based dictation or even voice recognition. With advanced performance-enhancing functionality as part of a complete workflow management system and integrated reporting modules for workload tracking and performance monitoring, the Crescendo solution offers everything you could ask for from a dictation system.

Woman dictating using a headset
DigiScribe XL seamlessly integrates within the existing infrastructure of the organization, allowing for significant cost savings and productivity improvements. The Crescendo HL7 interface eliminates the need for manual input, as a result, accurate patient results and demographics are always available in real-time while dramatic process improvements can be achieved. Other interfaces include Report Import, Scheduling System, Orders, Location-Based Patient List, ADT Download and more. Crescendo's suite of solutions ensures interoperability between disparate systems to facilitate the most effective workflows.
Cost Efficiency
Digital dictation is not just simplest way to streamline dictation and transcription processes, it is also a shortcut to guaranteed cost savings. Eliminate expenditures on consumables such as tapes and single-use equipment, reduce costs associated with manual delivery of tapes and documents and improve productivity with voice files that are immediately available for transcription. DigiScribe XL allows for greater efficiency among staff, resulting in greater cost savings.
Streaming Technology
DigiScribe XL uses voice on demand technology to stream and deliver voice files to remote and on-site transcription resources in real-time. The result? Instant file delivery, zero duplication, minimal impact on network speed and massive reductions in turnaround times. Not to mention maximum security over client data as voice files are never duplicated or stored on local devices.
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User Preferences

Users have the option of traditional telephone, desktop, digital device, or Smartphone input to dictate, edit or immediately send dictations for transcription from anywhere.

Workflow Management

System administrators have complete control of the system, including workflow, job routing, priority, and privileges. All critical information is immediately available on-site or remotely.

Simplify Dictation Workflow

Crescendo’s highly customizable solutions fit into any setting