Who is Crescendo?

Professional Voice Processing and Electronic Documentation Solutions


Crescendo Systems is a leading developer of digital voice and electronic documentation solutions. For over 30 years, Crescendo has built systems and integrations to improve workflow and promote efficiency in healthcare, legal and law enforcement settings.


At Crescendo Systems customer satisfaction is the main focus. Crescendo partners with customers big and small to develop tools and modules to streamline their work, simplifying processes and advancing the adoption of electronic practices with the goal of improving routines and documentation conformity.


Crescendo works hand in hand with customers to scope, install and support our solutions. Our teams are trained in lean methodology and use that knowledge to improve customer workflows and processes at the outset of projects for successful implementations.

Our Objectives

The Crescendo team is committed to providing customers with the technology that allows them to do more. Simplifying workflows, improving processes, finding ways to make our partners more efficient, these are the concepts that are at the core of every solution we develop. We accomplish these goals by ensuring that our products are highly customizable to specific professional environments, enabling cross-departmental users to have a highly customized experience, improving adoption facility-wide. 

A man and a woman using a laptop at a desk, Electronic documentation, Crescendo
Simple Customization

Crescendo solutions are highly configurable, resulting in effortless adoption with minimal adjustment on the part of the user.

Fluid Compatibility

Interfaces and integrations are available for leading vendor systems, conveniently fitting into existing infrastructure at minimal expense.

Improved Collaboration

The Crescendo solutions are designed to enable users across departments to better communicate and work in unison to produce superior reports.

Is Crescendo Right For You?

Clinical data capture and documentation, voice recognition, digital dictation, transcription and mobile solutions, Crescendo offers a myriad of reporting and workflow solutions, determined by the needs of the site or the individual. The Crescendo suite of solutions can benefit organizations of any size with a diverse array of complexities. Whether your facility requires a site-wide documentation system or voice recognition for a single user, Crescendo can help to evaluate your needs and provide an effective and affordable solution. For more information or to schedule a consultation and demonstration with one of our experienced team members, contact us.