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Improved Documentation Workflow and Processes

Voice Processing

Voice recognition, digital dictation and mobile solutions, Crescendo offers a myriad of voice capture and processing solutions determined by the needs of the site or the individual.

Clinical Documentation

Providing a clear view of the entire patient file in a single space, Centro collects and organizes data collected across networks to create a complete, accurate record.

30+ Years of Healthcare Innovation

Crescendo has been at the forefront of the healthcare documentation landscape for over 30 years. With a solid foothold in the digital dictation and medical transcription software market, Crescendo grew its product offering to include a voice recognition system and a clinical documentation improvement solution. Crescendo introduced numerous breakthroughs to the industry, including the first networked dictation and transcription systems, multi-facility solutions, the immediate streaming of voice files to remote transcriptionists, and most recently, Centro, the only clinical documentation improvement system of its kind.

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Is Centro Right For You?

Yes! Centro has something for all clinicians, across specialties. The customizable nature of Centro allows it to be used hospital-wide by different providers, giving each member of the team an experience tailored to their specific workflow needs, while encouraging collaboration. Centro provides the user with real-time labs, medications, and radiology results as well as intuitive progress notes and continuous updates on the patient’s condition and treatment, resulting in better reporting and improved patient outcomes.

Healthcare Solutions

Providing a clear view of the entire patient file in a single space, the Centro solution compiles and organizes data collected across networks to create a complete, accurate record.

A lightweight, full-featured voice recognition application, C-Speech allows users to dictate directly into and control EMRs and other third party applications using voice.

Developed entirely in-house, Crescendo Speech is a powerful, exceptionally accurate speech recognition engine that is fully integrated into the Centro solution.

Smartphones, tablets or digital recording devices, Crescendo offers authors the option to use their preferred hardware while providing the freedom to work from anywhere.

Crescendo’s digital dictation and workflow solution offers supervisors full control of voice files across the system whether it encompasses a single institution or a multi-facility network.

Packed with productivity tools for both on-site and remote transcriptionists, the MedRite XL system includes management reporting, billing and other efficiency features for supervisors.

Crescendo’s powerful back-end aggregates data from multiple systems, making it available to users for analysis and dissemination, leading to identification of patterns and ultimately better patient outcomes.

The integrations and interfaces offered by Crescendo ensure communication and the secure exchange of data between existing systems such as PACS, scheduling, labs, pharmacy and EMRs.

Crescendo Solutions Can Improve Efficiencies

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