Interfaces and Integrations

Data Exchange In Real-Time

Beyond Demographics

The Centro application acts as an information gateway that consolidates information, making it available to users regardless of origin.

A Single View

Centro eliminates the need to search several different systems to find the required data and increase time spent on patient care.

Integrate With EHRs

Centro combines all necessary information into simple to use forms and templates and then assembles it all into a structured output.

Accessible Data

The Centro solution automates the capture and management of documents through interfacing. Crescendo’s custom interfaces allow facilities to utilize and store data and records retrieved from disparate systems in one place, relieving the increased burden of manually scanning and filing a rising number of clinical documents into the EHR. Integrating with almost any EHR, Centro complements the system by leveraging all data as it becomes available. Centro combines the necessary data into simple to use forms and templates, assembling it into a structured output. This ensures that filing of the information to the EHR is always in the expected format and it is properly indexed to the correct patient file for long-term viability. Centro can even be primed to create new reports directly from the EMR or EHR Portal without the need for the user to manually open any additional applications. Once the report is completed it is immediately available for viewing and distribution within the EMR or EHR Portal system.

Why Centro?

Improve Adoption

Designed specifically for Clinicians, Centro provides the user with a curated desktop focused solely on functionality concerning their work, eliminating the need to navigate a site-wide EMR.

Centro HL7

Centro’s dedicated HL7 module can connect to thousands of systems using the HL7 protocol, allowing for communication and exchange among virtually any of the facility’s current systems.

The Patient Journey

Crescendo’s vast experience in consolidating vital information allows Centro to provide a unique unified record, giving users a complete view of the patient’s journey at any point in time.

Best Of Breed

Bloated systems that claim to do everything often don’t do anything well, connect to the best with Centro.

Leverage Your Existing Investment

Save money by integrating existing data systems rather than replacing them.

Make Your EHR More Effective

Let your EHR run the hospital while Centro takes care of reporting.

Need Help Putting It All Together?

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