Stop trying to find your patient’s chart. All progress notes done digitally.

One of the most important records for clinical care and communication with care team members now made easier.

Centro’s electronic progress notes are multidisciplinary and live records from physicians, nurses, consultants, therapists, and students and anyone else who contributes to the patient’s evolving journey in the hospital. Given that they are electronic, these medical records grow over time and detail the clinical status during the course of hospitalization.

Some of the benefits of an electronic progress note include the possibility to view the live record anywhere and at anytime. The progress note can also be viewed by multiple people at the same time. The notes are always legible with audit dates, times, and signatures. Multiple signatures can also be configured to be required on a note, especially for teaching institutions. As the progress note is a document that is used hospital-wide, Centro can help with standardization of this note.

Collation of the documents can be configured to be ordered by sign or start date, oldest on top or at the end. They can also be filtered in the view by Title or Specialty.

If an edit is needed, then a late correction entry can be applied. A reason is requested as to why the late correction entry is being applied such as wrong patient, text correction, or other. Corrections can only be made by the person who originally created the progress note. Other users’ notes are locked for edit. Any note that has a late correction is linked to the original note.

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