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Reliable Recognition

C-Speech is an affordable, secure, and impressively accurate clinical voice recognition application that allows for dictation, review, and completion of reports, all by simply using voice. 

Streamlined Report Creation

Expedite the production of time-sensitive documents by dictating directly into the fields of your existing applications, bypassing mouse clicks and the hassle of typing information in manually.

Improve Efficiencies

Implement voice technology into the documentation process and save up to sixty minutes per day on administrative tasks. C-Speech eliminates typed and handwritten notes, allowing the user to create reports, compose e-mail and navigate third-party applications with voice. Clinicians can easily dictate directly into fields of their EMR or navigate and complete requisition forms with ease. The C-Speech clinical voice recognition application can even automate frequently used functions with the autocommand feature, allowing users to quickly perform tasks without the need for keyboard intervention.

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Get Voice to Text Capabilities from Your Oscar PRO EMR

C-Speech has partnered with apps.health to efficiently integrate with the Oscar Pro EMR. This powerful connection allows users to save valuable documentation time by dictating directly into compatible fields, limiting clicks and keystrokes. An asset to anyone that is burdened by the tedium of typing reports, C-Speech promises a better documentation workflow. C-Speech is also available for other leading web-based electronic medical record applications, contact us for more information.

Excellent Value

Enhance existing infrastructure with the voice control capabilities offered by C-Speech. The application offers state-of-the-art voice recognition and enhanced functionality at a fraction of the cost of competitive systems.

Latest Technologies

Based on Deep Neural Network technology, the revolutionary technology behind Siri and Google, the Crescendo engine requires zero training with no user profiles, eliminating maintenance across workstations.

Seamless Workflow

Beyond quality voice recognition and desktop control, C-Speech offers the user a seamless integrated workflow, including single sign-on functionality and full voice control of third-party applications.

Secured cloud-based dictation and playback

Amazing Accuracy

Based on the reliable Crescendo Speech voice recognition engine, C-Speech produces solid results in noisy environments, regardless of cadence or inflection.

Reusable Content

The C-Speech application allows users to stay productive with personalized auto-texts that can contain commonly used content or even full reports for easy document inclusion.

Medical Vocabulary

Clinicians can dictate with confidence; the integrated medical vocabulary ensures accuracy and precision across care settings with the option for custom libraries.

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