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Centro’s integrated radiology workflows simplify and speed up the documentation process now in Centro’s 3.8 release. 

Advanced Radiology Documentation System

Centro supports the full cycle of the report creation process for an exam. The report template is automatically selected based on exam code, and fields that are passed to Centro are automatically filled in.

Radiologists can create reports using front-end voice recognition in French or in English, self-edit if needed, and then sign off the document. These actions will then send the job to complete status in the RIS and PACS, with the exam subsequently being removed off the worklist. Reports can also be put on hold (configured time before distribution to other systems), where the radiologist can make corrections without having to do an addendum. At the elapsed time, the report is distributed as per system configurations.

An optional workflow of sending reports to transcription is also available. The transcriptionist can open the dictation in the DigiPlayer application and insert the recognized text in the RIS, making corrections or formatting if necessary.

Centro supports interruptions. During the course of a workday, a radiologist may need to consult on a study while in middle of another dictation. When they select the new study, the image will switch. To ensure that there is no risk of dictating on the wrong patient, a Centro message will ask the user what to do with the current study. They can suspend it and return to it at a later time, discard it, or complete it if they are finished the dictation.

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