DigiWeb Transcription Solutions

Get Real-Time Transcription Anywhere and Complete Voice File Control


Enhanced Transcription Workflow Features

Personalized Worklist

Each transcriptionist is presented with a personalized worklist that is organized based on an automatic routing and prioritization system. 

Audio Playback Control

DigiWeb’s integrated audio playback control allows transcriptionists to manage playback with their foot pedals while typing, freeing up their hands.

Flexible Job Reservation

DigiWeb Transcription offers transcriptionists the ability to pause or reserve jobs, preserving their work progress for continuation at any time.


Reduce Turnaround Time

As DigiWeb is a web-enabled application, accessing a personalized worklist for transcription has never been easier. Whether at home or at work, transcriptionists can simply open a browser and log on to the system. From their worklist, they can select a dictation and play it back with a foot pedal and headset, while typing in a third party application. Once the job is finished, it is automatically removed from their worklist. DigiWeb’s user-friendly system helps to increase productivity and reduce turnaround times.


Transcribe in Third-Party Apps

DigiWeb integrates with third-party applications, enabling smooth transcription across various platforms. Whether you use a document management system, communication tool, or any other software, DigiWeb adapts to your workflow. Our commitment to compatibility ensures that you can focus on your work without managing voice files.

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