DigiWeb Dictation Solution

Your all-in-one solution for seamless
cloud-based dictation


Empower your workflow by managing your tasks

Job Prioritization

DigiWeb allows you to prioritize dictations based on priority, allowing urgent jobs to receive immediate attention.


Automatic routing will send dictations to specific transcriptionists or pools of transcriptionists without user intervention.

Voice recognition

Save time and effort by dictating directly into DigiWeb instead of manually typing.


Revolutionize your dictation workflow

DigiWeb is a powerful web application that revolutionizes cloud-based dictation. Whether you prefer traditional voice files or cutting-edge front end speech recognition, DigiWeb has you covered. With cloud integration, you can connect from anywhere—all you need is internet access. Dictate across various platforms, including tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android). 


Dictate Anywhere, Anytime

DigiWeb offers dictation capabilities wherever you are, providing authors full control of their dictation. Whether you’re at the office, at home, or on the go, DigiWeb puts the power of dictation right at your fingertips. 


DigiWeb Admin Overview

Hardware Inputs

Use traditional recording devices such as SpeechMike or Olympus microphones or any USB supported microphone.

Manage your work

Manage your dictation job list, including pending work, dictations that have been submitted for transcription, and completed transcriptions. Pause tasks that require completion at a later time.

Import dictation

Import dictations that have been done through another device and bring them directly into the DigiWeb system.

Explore the power of DigiWeb Dictation today and revolutionize your dictation workflow