Our response to the COVID-19 crisis


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is being felt worldwide. Early detection and accurate diagnosis is imperative in stopping the spread of this virus. While Crescendo is on the periphery of this emergency, many of our valued clients are on the front-lines, tirelessly working around the clock to suppress the aggressive transmission of COVID-19.


In an effort to ease the strain on the healthcare system and assist caregivers in this difficult time, operations at Crescendo are functioning as normal. While we have taken precautions to minimize risk to our staff and clients, our support and development teams are ready and able to help in any way possible.


As part of our commitment to assisting our clients, Crescendo was mobilized by a major Quebec hospital, designated as one of the 4 key COVID-19 health centers, to develop a data capture and analysis tool as part of the Centro clinical documentation system. With a 12-hour turnaround window, Crescendo was able to provide a method to capture and track key patient data for further analysis. The tool may reveal specifics that can help identify the most at risk members of the population by isolating factors including age groups, gender and known contact with travelers. We are hopeful this tool will assist clinicians in quickly assessing the overflow of cases which are landing on their doorsteps daily.


We understand the challenges our customers are facing, if you believe Crescendo can assist in improving the efforts of your healthcare team and keeping front-liners safe, please do not hesitate to contact us.


While we continue to monitor this situation closely and follow the recommendations of the healthcare community, please be assured that our support team will always remain available in times of need.


For assistance or inquiries, please contact Crescendo directly at 1-800-724-2930.