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Crescendo Systems to Showcase Speech Recognition Breakthrough at HIMSS17

Crescendo Speech Promises Over 95% Accuracy Out of the Box


Crescendo Systems is a leading developer of Electronic Documentation and Digital Voice Solutions. Over the past 25 years, these applications have evolved from simply recording voice digitally to understanding it. In 2015, the company set out to shake up the Speech Recognition industry, investing heavily in R&D. The new and improved Crescendo Speech, built on Microsoft’s Speech Platform, is now poised to make a splash at HIMSS17.

"We've seen markedly improved efficiency gains," says Costa Mandilaras, President of Crescendo Systems. "The accuracy being experienced by customers has increased by up to 33 percent versus their previous engines. Even users with heavy accents have seen impressive results with zero training of the speech server. It is very encouraging and a sign of where the industry is headed.”

The software is universally appealing as users have the option to choose front-end recognition, back-end, or both. The choice is up to the end-user; time constraints can force the clinician to use back-end, sending the report to quality control for review today, while switching to front-end self-correct mode tomorrow. Unlike other recognition engines, Crescendo Speech includes both modes for a single licensing fee.  

“After years of mixed results and hours wasted correcting text, physicians are finally excited to adopt front-end speech recognition. Clinicians are actually requesting Crescendo Speech based on the buzz from colleagues, after years of resistance this seems to be the engine that is motivating them to shift from traditional dictation and back-end options to full front-end speech," explains Mr. Mandilaras.

When used with Crescendo's clinical documentation system, Centro, clinicians can also use speech recognition to navigate and complete forms within the system, making the process completely hands-free with over 99% accuracy. The forms are completely configurable by the customer and may include drop-boxes and buttons as well as text fields.

Crescendo Speech is expected to be a big draw on the exhibit floor at the HIMSS17 Conference in Orlando from February 20th to 22nd, where visitors to booth 5788 will have the chance to test out the system for themselves.


Crescendo Systems is a leading developer of electronic documentation and voice processing solutions based in Laval, Canada. Established in 1990, Crescendo currently has over 2,500 single and multi-site installations in 15 countries. With 4 offices worldwide, Crescendo software is available and supported in 3 languages. For more information please visit www.crescendo.com.

The new and improved Crescendo Speech, built on Microsoft’s Speech Platform, is poised to make a splash at HIMSS17.