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DigiScribe XL along with its predecessor DigiScribe is the only dictation solution of its kind. Fully digital with an abundance of features, DigiScribe XL allows officers the flexibility to work in their preferred dictation method with minimal change to their routine, while significantly improving voice quality and eliminating the need for tapes.

The DigiScribe XL system includes a comprehensive supervisor console which allows complete control of workflow, job routing, and prioritization. All critical information is available at a glance, from any network or remote PC.

DigiScribe XL bends to the user’s preferences, whether it be traditional telephone, mobile or Smartphone input. The latest advancement in Mobile Dictation, users can now employ their existing Smartphone to dictate, edit or immediately send dictations for transcription from anywhere at any time.

Using a PC microphone, such as the Philips SpeechMike or Olympus Direct Recording device, an author can bypass extra equipment and control dictation via an intuitive toolbar which displays the client name, file number, length of dictation and much more.

For those accustomed to using a tape recorder, there are digital handheld devices available which mimic the functionality of their tape based predecessors without the drawbacks of lost tapes and poor sound quality.



> Personal Computer or Laptop

> Smartphone or Tablet

> Mobile Phone

> Digital Handheld Device

> Traditional Telephone

> Hardwired Dictate Station


> Master View of Files in Console

> Crystal Clear Sound Quality

> Immediate Access to Work

> Suitable for Speech Recognition

> Priority Job Statuses

> Turnaround Time Notifications

> Zero-Footprint Security

> Display Document from Job List  


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